06 February, 2014

The Follow Up...

Holla all! How’s your day?! Mine is absolutely fantastic… and oh like I promise several post ago (remember my deodorant post?) So here’s the follow up… It’s true! I keep pay attention to my underarm and it’s still as white as before. I don’t want to make a big deal about it, but aren’t we girl will be happy when our skin are healthy and clean? I know I am!

After 7 days using rexona whitening lighter in 7 days I could really say that it somehow boost up my confidence, I don’t care how hectic and how busy my I am, I will always sure that I will still stay smell good and no worry about skin change at all! Because the thought of using something that might change my skin are so scary!

Since that day now I have new habit, I now always carrying rexona  whitening lighter in 7 days on my bag whenever I go, so when I think I sweat more than usual I can just go the nearest rest room spray it and I will be good, hehehe. And because I know most of my readers are girls my age ( or older?) I really suggest you to try it too, give it a try like I do, for like… 7 days and you’ll see the different. Please share me your experience too, would love to know… I will be more than happy to know that there are people out there who have the same experience.  You can always tweet me at @evitanuh ;)

05 February, 2014

Not So Roman Holiday

More post! Hehehe awesome right? knowing how I often neglect and barely post anything for months this must be some record for me, I still have no idea how all dedicated blogger out there manage to make post almost everyday, I bet they've got remote to freeze time or magic wand, because it almost impossible for me, so yes I think I deserve a pat in back for my effort.  But sadly maybe some people think I may not deserve that... hehehe yes... got numerous emails and messages complaint that even tho' I update my blog but I don't wrote like I used to ( which is long post... contain all my ramblings) I'm super sorry, but really I don't have any story to tell right now (except you want to hear my boring schedules, study study study, private lesson and more private lesson and please add more exams, exams exams to that and there you go you have the story of my life for this month hehehe, tragic right? ) ... and really I have no idea that many of you enjoy reading my endless rambling and bla bla bla's and I really really flattered. But I promise next post you will have my usual long post. 

For now I still don't have all the time in the world in my hand and sadly haven't got time to take a proper outfit photos too, but I've got some picture for you. This is from my last holiday, me and my cousins take a super short trips and having so much fun there. I actually don't really like posting a holiday pictures in my blog, but this is to make it up to you guys for lack of photos on my blog recently. So yeah I dig this pictures up from everywhere, my sister's camera, my camera, and even from my smartphone hehehe and mixed up all together. Here you go! ( and oh yes, I just realised I don't smile in most of the photos, actually I do have thousand smiling photos but I look like baby walrus with giant teeth in all of it... so yeah I guess this cold stone look really suits me the best... hahaha) 

And by the way I'm still on that Rexona whitening lighter 7 days challenge and so far I can say I'm impress by the result. I got no irritation or any rash on my underarm and now I can't go anywhere without caring it around in my bag ( if you not know yet, I'm a really conscious about hygiene and all so it's calming me knowing I do not need to be afraid that I might smell funny ) so I always carry things that can make myself away from being insecure and have a nerve wrecking day. Here's some of things I packed in my bag. And by the way I'm quite curious are other girl ( or boys) having the same problems? Do you also got things that you need to carry everyday? 

Need to get back to study like NOW, so Hasta La Vista Baby! 

29 January, 2014

Finally.. I'm Officially Teenager...

Hello all! How’s life? Mine pretty crazy (as always, right? Hehehe) Let’s cut to the case… I just want to scream I’m 15 years old! I don’t know why I’m so excited about it, maybe it’s because that means 2 years from now I’ll be 17! Hehehe.

By the way since I’m officially 15 I notice something different with my body I don’t know it’s just me or everyone else having the same change as me. My body change quite drastically, I can’t even recognize my own body in the mirror.  My sister told me it’s puberty, is it really? So… she also told me that this probably the time for me to change my entire baby product to a teenager product. I also notice that I sweating more than I used to be when I told her that she just laughed and said it’s probably time for me to use deodorant. Don’t laugh at me but I never use any deodorant before, but right now I think I should start using it. It’s not that I smelly or anything but that would be disaster if I start to smell funny (you know what I mean when I say ‘funny’ right?) just because I haven’t using deodorant when I know I should. *Knock on wood.

Like ever girl in the world I pay so much attention to my body and what products suits me the best. I also notice some changes in my body, and I must face the fact that I will have new routine to do from now on and one of them is shaving (oh guys you are so lucky… you don’t have to deal with this drama hahaha) And this is what I fear the most about shaving or any kind of underarm hair removal treatment, some people told be it will darken your underarm (again *knock on wood) So my scientist mind working and I told myself “we human already succeed landed a man in the moon, there’s no way that there’s no products who can save me from smell funny and hairy without darkening my underarm!”  So then I start searching, hehehe and I found this deodorant called Rexona whitening lighter in 7 days, my sister told me it’s a very well known brand. From what I’ve read this rexona woman whitening lighter in 7 days said that they could reduce irritation and also brighten your underarm skin! (So for those who think you underarm could not be saved, it can! You really should thank me for this info, hohoho) 

So after some searching I decided to use rexona whitening lighter in 7 days deodorant spray, I like the soft smell of it plus it’s dry instantly, already use it for 3 days and so far so good, I smell great everyday and not worry even I’m doing sport and all. And this is the most important one, I noticed my underarm is still as white as ever! Hohoho. I will give it a try for a week and we’ll see ok… 

Adios Amigos!

27 January, 2014

Better Way is Finally Here...

My God I can't believe myself... A new post already! I'm on fire! Hahaha truth to be told, it's my exams  week and I found everything else other than study are interesting... and I've got a sudden urge to make a new post, I guess this is better than wasting my time watching television. Other than doing pretty much everything (except studying) I also spent time to answer my ask.fm, there's so many interesting questions but I noticed there some questions that I got a lot ( and when I said a lot it's like 50's a lot! The questions are
1. what's your religion? 
2. What happen to your papa?
3. Where's your mother? 
4. Where do you go to school? 
5. What's inspired you the most? 

Since I don't feel like and ready to answer question number 1 to 4 yet... I will be more than happy to answer question number 5. I swear I already answered this million times before, I got inspired by everything around me, music, movie, magazine and people around me... And also I got inspired by inspiring people too, you know those people that create thing that can take your breath away. I'm so lucky I was born in digital era where I can find inspiration people just by one clicked away. I love how they work can moved me and shake something insides me. So yes like million people in the world I like to browsing around to found or discovered great talents. There's so many nights that I can't close my eyes at night when I discover a someone with great talent that day and I can't figure out how on earth he/she made it, or what's inside their head, God is mighty, really. 

So yes, if you want to be inspired all you have to do browsing around, found great talent out there, more things you see, more inspirations for you... easy breezy right? By the way I just noticed something, that recently I'm browsing more than I'm before... and I realised that it happens since I've got myself a new Lenovo Yoga Tablet. This is may sound like cheesy commercial but it's true... I've got great experience with it. Probably what I love about it the most is that I can hold it easily and I can stand it on a table, tilt it if I want to so I don't have a sore arms. Other thing is of course the fact the battery can last much longer than any gadget, it can last for about 18 hours straight! Because nothing can make me more cranky than have to charge my battery while I'm in the middle something important, you with me right? People from Lenovo called it a Betterway Journey and I'm definitely one of the passenger in that journey. 

And since you know I'm a such nice person, I wouldn't let you drooling over this baby without a chance to have it yourself and I promise you it's super easy! Lenovo got 18 New Yoga Tablet for you to win and let's hope you one of the lucky one and can experience a Better Way Journey like I am experiencing right now ( Say Amen! ) So without further a do here it is... 

How to win this Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Go to their web here www.betterwayjourney.com  and start to play! 
and for more info you can always follow their twitter in here @Lenovo_ID 

Ah to close this post here's some people I found so inspiring and they are inspiring me in so many ways. I will probably do this more often, sharing about talented people out there. 

Here it is : 

First, I've got Holly Suan Gray, she's a British born stylist. I love how all her styling look somehow bizzare and outstanding, I couldn't never get enough of her. 

Next is Oleg Dou, I freshly remembered how I found about him, one of my reader emailed me and told me that one my photos reminds him of Oleg Dou works and he said I if I don't know who's Oleg is then I should check him out because he said I will most definitely love his work ( I couldn't find the email and forgot your name, but thank you! you are so right! ) And oh this man, Oleg, if I can go inside his head and stay there forever I would. His works is beyond amazing and so powerful, simple but powerful. I remember I was crying like a baby when I first saw his works it just moved me in so many levels. 

Here's the last one... Have you ever browsing around and suddenly you feel that you related with someone you see on the screen? Not blood related, but in soul way... Seeing his work I just know he feels lonely, the kind of lonely I had. And just by seeing his work I don't feel so alone anymore, there's a lonely soul out there. His name is Kyle Thompson and his works always amaze me! always.  

Aren't they beautiful? If you got people you found inspiring please do share! ;) 

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